Sunday, August 10, 2008

Cute baby and new hair

Here's my terribly cute little pal Connor. He dropped by the office with his mommy and big sister (my mini-me, who was making him laugh in the second photo.) Oh yeah, and I chopped all my hair off and donated it to Locks of Love. You should too if you have enough! :)


elise.elaine said...

I love your new hair!! And kudos for donating it...I've always wanted to but it has to be uncolored...

Conner is SOOOO cute...he is getting big so fast!

Court said...

Thanks! It's really shorter than I wanted, but to cut enough for LOL it had to go.

Connor has one of the greatest baby smiles EVER. He smiles with his whole face! I love it! (Not to mention he actually let me hold him.) :)