Tuesday, July 22, 2008

New stuff is cool

So I got some new stuff for the casa this weekend. Finally. When Mom was here, we found some cool pillow cases for my throw pillows in the living room. The old ones just didn't go with the new slipcovers I got a few months ago. I found a REEEEEALLY soft blankie at Target in the same shades of blue as the pillows (it doesn't have the golds and browns like the pillows, but I had to have it.)

This weekend I found some throw rugs for the doorways and kitchen and some dish towels and pot holders that go with the new color scheme. I don't want area rugs because they just collect dirt and cat hair and they're a pain to clean. Also, they interfere with Chris's incessant moving of the coffee table as he uses it as a giant mousepad. Oh yeah, and they're expensive.

Anyway, I also got a beautiful orchid from Trey. I'll try not to kill it after it's bloomed out so I can give it back to him. So far so good. I think it looks nice on the piece of wall art I found to use as a table top for my little cafe table Mom gave me. The gaps in it are a teensy bit large for a table, but it's a patio table. It's not going to get much actual USE as a table.