Saturday, September 13, 2008

I hate computers

I have my computer back now after a week. The hard drive died in the middle of backing up for the first time in far too long. So I took it to the Apple Store, where the nice people sold me a new hard drive (which they had to install). Today, I picked it up, along with the dead dead dead hard drive they removed from it, which I will likely be sending off to data recovery. Bleh.

So now I get to reinstall EVERYTHING. Yay. And of course this happened with our good buddy Hurricane Ike on its way to Houston to beat my family silly. Thankfully I still had my iPhone to check up on conditions there. Well, and the several people from that area who we've been sharing our office with. I've been looking stuff up and relaying info to my electricityless mother all day today.

ANYWAY, I'm back, and I'll be playing catchup all weekend. Yay.