Monday, July 7, 2008

Fourth of July

In this little town, they take Independence Day VERY seriously. The whole damned town lines the streets for the "Biggest Small Town Fourth of July Parade in Texas." With more than 100 entries from several counties, it is quite the affair. So of course, I took a couple hundred photos. Well, ok so a lot of them are from the city's fireworks display. At any rate, here's a few.

I told you they lined the streets. This goes on for the whole mile and a quarter.

The circles are my friend Laurie (walking) and her daughter, Courtney, who rode in the parade as Little Miss Roundup 2007-2008 3rd Runner-Up.


Erleichda! said...

I kinda miss the Seguin 4th of July parade. My friend Cyndie & I went out for dinner & then sat on the hilltop at St. Edward's with a few hundred other people to watch the Austin fireworks show. Which was cool, but ... well, no horses & no Don Richie on a funky old bicycle.

Court said...

See, what's July 4th without Don Richie and that friggin bike?